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A new strategy for immersive storytelling

Augmented reality and virtual reality offer a next-level look into the future of marketing and content. Storytelling has always been the foundation of any good marketing strategy and these immersive technologies are providing a new perspective on how content has evolved.

1.9 billion people per month will use AR in 2022, and 3 billion devices worldwide are currently AR-enabled.

With any new technology, many marketers will find themselves trying to figure out how to integrate AR and VR into their marketing mix. …

The Augmented Reality market has grown and it is estimated that its value will reach $61.4 billion by 2023. AR has found its way into almost every field which includes healthcare, gaming, entertainment, retail, digital marketing, education, utilities, and more.

When we narrow it down to Augmented Reality in Retail, It’s been approximated that 32% of shoppers are regular users of AR, and 73% of smartphone AR users are highly contented with the experiences. Such Augmented Reality statistics prove how the retail market has accepted the technology and is exponentially growing with its help.

We have seen Augmented Reality applications…

The future of AR is here and it's growing quickly

Virtual reality may still get bigger headlines and maintain a stronger hold on the imagination but augmented reality is actually proving to be a much more practical and realistic means of presenting the digital world. Most people use AR in their day to day and don’t even know it. Let’s take a look at the top 17 stats, trends, and facts for 2021 regarding augmented reality and its use.

Statistics provided by the “Augmented and Mixed Reality Market by Technology, Infrastructure, Devices, Solutions, Apps and Services in Industry Verticals 2020–2025” report from

Trending AR VR Articles:

1. How AR/VR Are Transforming the Real…

Augmented reality experiences are becoming more commonplace than you expect. With the need for businesses to engage with customers and employees in more ways than one, they are turning to technology. Here are a few new and innovative ways that AR is providing experiences to help close the engagement gap in 2021.


WebAR is an Augmented Reality experience that is accessed via a web browser instead of an app. It provides this web-based AR experience by using technologies like WebGL, WebRTC, WebVR, and APIs. In simple words, you just need a phone to access it.

Web-based Augmented Reality enables…

The arrival of consumer-grade AR smartglasses isn’t here just yet. We know we are only a few years off from seeing some amazing augmented reality products from Apple and Facebook. In the meantime, we have to immerse ourselves in a few AR products that are currently available and we can bring them home today.

From devices equipped with LIDAR and depth sensors, 3D holographic displays, and conversations covered in AR experiences this year has brought some innovative goodies to enjoy.

New Smart Phones — iPhone 12 pro and Samsung Galaxy S20

iPhone 12 Pro: With ARKit just about any modern iPhone or iPad can be considered an AR gift. This year…

Why you need to understand innovative event technology

Why are virtual events so important?

Bringing us all back together.

As cancellations for events rolled in, event coordinators, sponsors, attendees, and exhibitors started to wonder what will happen to live events moving forward. Soon after several virtual solutions started to emerge and provide some solutions for engagement from video events, to virtual reality environments with avatars.

Everyone began to see that there were several benefits to virtual events and the technology being used. Event planners started to gather analytics quickly giving them data that enhanced the customer experience. This rolled into showcasing more immersive virtual event experiences and engaging sessions. …

Ready Player Everyone!

Simply put gamification is adding gameplay mechanics into a non-game environment, like a website, virtual environment, learning management system to increase participation. The goal of gamification is to engage with your audience to collaborate, share, and interact. Businesses then provide audiences with directives and feedback through gameplay mechanics and game dynamics that lead to the accomplishments of business goals and objectives.

A captive gamification experience taps into a player’s emotions and easily demonstrates the best activities an audience can complete that make an impact on mutually shared goals. …

Virtual solutions to close the gap!

Business leaders are looking toward virtual interactions to close the loss of engagement gap that has occurred due to Covid-19 and contact restrictions. Now that more employees are working remotely from home and businesses are looking for actionable contactless engagements with their customers they are turning to innovation during these times.

So how is virtual going to close this gap? There are many layers of effective virtual interactions that are being used right now, from video conferencing, augmented reality product visualization, and 3D virtual reality events. …

We are providing an entry-level guide to understanding Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications, the differences between each, and how all of these experiences, when enabled, form what is known as mixed reality.

First things first, let’s define the term virtual. It can be used as an overall term to describe other technologies similar to, but different from, an actual Virtual Reality experience. Now more than ever the term virtual is becoming more synonymous with video conferencing i.e. Zoom calls, as opposed to actual immersive virtual environments with three Dimensional elements and interactive engagement.

The All-Encompassing Extended Reality!

The umbrella…


At Elevux we strive to elevate humans to their highest potential through brilliant design & integrated experiences. Creating unforgettable AR/VR/XR experiences!

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